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We will supply to everyone, concentrate to make "good quality and delicious bean jam" making full use of the original deliciousness and charm of the bean jam.

As a good partner From marketing to supply, we do not limit to bean jam and meet various kinds of consultation. We are working on manufacturing products with our customers as a good partner.

As a specialist of bean jam

We will utilize our abundant experiences cultivated as an expert over many years and will support your product design. We accurately grasp selling items and needs full of market, delivering the latest information to customers, and proposing products with high added value with sophisticated technical capabilities. Even for customers who are considering our products for the first time, we will propose them with detailed advice and various lineup as a specialist.

Integrated system from product development to production and supply

As leading company of bean jam, we have state-of-the-art technical capabilities, we have established a consistent support system from basic research on Adzuki to development, production, sales and delivery. In addition, we have carried out strict quality inspections on all products, and we are also preparing a system of quality assurance for safety. Through our dedicated staff, we will work closely with manufacturing staff and relevant departments such as quality control to respond to customer's requests.