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We will supply to everyone, concentrate to make "good quality and delicious bean jam" making full use of the original deliciousness and charm of the bean jam.

Company Profile

Company Name HOJO-SEIANSHO Co.,Ltd.
Office and Factory 3-1-13 Nagaokagumachi, Hirakata-shi, Osaka, Japan
TEL. (+81)72-851-3961
FAX. (+81)72-856-6032
Capital 55 million yen
Number of employee 110
Associated company DALIAN HOJO FOODS Co.,Ltd.
Wafangdian-City, Dalian, China

“Sweetness like Honey”

HOJO-SEIANSHO was founded in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City, 1954.
At that time, the bean paste makers generally manufactured and sold "raw bean paste" that is not sweetened, but in the hot summer, the bean paste makers are in the off-season because the buns are poor sales. Meanwhile, we looked at ice cream that must be sold in the summer, and in 1958 we developed bean paste as raw material for ice cream ahead of the industry. After that, in 1960, we began manufacturing and selling "Bean jam" (sugared bean paste) ahead of the industry. It is launched the "Honey An" (An means bean jam in Japanese) brand with the meaning of bean jam having sweetness like honey. In addition, we set up a laboratory in our company, we have established the inspection system for all products ahead of the industry. At the Osaka World Expo in 1970, the awareness of bean jam that does not take time and effort had increased and its demand expanded. In 1976, a new factory was completed in Nagaokagumachi, Hirakata-city, Osaka prefecture, which is the current location, integrated headquarters and branches, strengthened the production and sales structure. We succeeded in developing and importing frozen Adzuki (red bean), the first in Japan in 1979. Since then, the overseas business started from the development of frozen Adzuki, introducing new equipment repeatedly, started production of frozen raw bean paste. In 1995, we established company as a first overseas corporation, "DALIAN HOJO FOOD Co., Ltd." at that time, established a production system for sugared beans and bean jam, which has reached today.
At Monde Selection 2007, prior to the industry, our products "Hokkai Ogura 48" and "Hokkai Natto" won the Gold Award. Since then, it has also won various products, "Hokkai Natto" won the Gold Award for 17 consecutive years until 2023. We are not only in Japan but also looking at overseas hidden demand and continuing global business development with the world perspective.
In technical development, we acquired a patent of "Sterile raw bean paste manufacturing method" in 1975. After Research & Development Office was established in 1986, we obtain patents of "Proanthocyanidin manufacturing method", "Foaming bean jam manufacturing method", and “Bean jam for yoghurt manufacturing method". We have led the industry in technical terms. Furthermore, in 2019, the head office factory acquired FSSC 22000 certification, "Osaka prefecture food safety certificate system" certification in 2010, and “Kosher certification" in 2016. We have prepared a system to meet customers' requests for safety.
Modern times that are developed a wide range of products, we continue to pursue the possibilities of infinitely expanding and always keep on growing with the spirit of "Sakigakeru".