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We will supply to everyone, concentrate to make "good quality and delicious bean jam" making full use of the original deliciousness and charm of the bean jam.

Quality Assurance

We promise safe and high quality products.

In order to respond to the quality required for the safety of food, we manage the quality by observing the prescribed rule and checking it carefully in all processes until the product is shipped. Also, we strictly inspect all products produced by our company at own laboratory. In order to ensure that our customers can use it with confidence, we promise safe products and supply it to various parts of the country by keeping thorough quality control and quality assurance system.

Food Safety Policy

  1. Always provide stable and high quality products for our customers as a manufacturer of bean jam.
  2. Cultivate the character and technical skills of each employee and raise the level to meet the needs of customers.
  3. Continually improve food safety management system.
  4. Set quality targets and evaluate our achievement.

Acquisition of FSSC22000 certification

In August 2019, we acquired the international standard food management system, FSSC22000 certification, which includes HACCP, the method for food safety management. Our food safety policy is to provide always stable, high quality and safe products that comply with laws and regulations. Furthermore, we strive to improve continuously to meet diversifying customer's needs.

FSSC22000 authentication certificate >>>
Food Safty System Certification (FSSC) 22000

Osaka prefecture version "food safety and security" certification obtained

Osaka Prefectural Designated Certification Body assessed the sanitation management and compliance (behavior complying with laws and regulations and social ethics) and crisis management aggressive, and led to the 2010 certification acquisition. The nickname for the certification mark is “Kokoro-chan raised in Osaka”, and the Kokoro-chan mark is a proof that it is a safe and secure food factory.

Osaka prefecture version "food safety and security" certification obtained

Through food sanitation 7S

Food Hygiene 7S consists of seven items, "Seiri(organize), Seiton(tidy up), Seisou(clean), Senjyou(wash), Sakkin(sterilize), Shitsuke(discipline), Seiketsu(keep clean)" that they creates the foundation for establishing the quality assurance mechanism relating to food safety. To think "Seiketsu(keep clean)" as the microorganism level is the most important purpose, and there are " Seiri(organize), Seiton(tidy up), Seisou(clean), Senjyou(wash), Sakkin(sterilize)" as an expedient to achieve that purpose. And "Shitsuke(discipline)" becomes important to correctly and reliably do this expedient. We are committed to this 7S food sanitation promptly and thoroughly comply with rules such as hygiene education for all employees, prevention of foreign matter contamination, and zoning, as well as field patrols by personnel every week.

Through food sanitation 7S

Operation of traceability system by barcode

Each delivered raw material is individually converted into data such as manufacturer's manufacturing lot, expiration date, storage condition, etc., and management is carried out by a dedicated barcode. When we use raw materials, read each barcode, it is possible to reconfirm and throw it in just before producing whether the specified ingredients are used at the specified usage amount. As a result, we are able to realize product creation that is stable quality, and even after shipment, we can trace which products are used, and when they were used, etc.

Operation of traceability system by barcode