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We will supply to everyone, concentrate to make "good quality and delicious bean jam" making full use of the original deliciousness and charm of the bean jam.

Development Support

We will support to make your best seller.

As bean jam expert specialist, we totally support for product development for a variety of customers including food manufacturers and distribution. We do not limit to bean jam, and meet various kinds of consultation. We are working on manufacturing products with our customers as a good partner.

Marketing research

Looking beyond trendy foods and popular sweets, as well as products that are currently on sale and products to be sold in the future, we thoroughly investigate consumer trends in the market independently. Dedicated staff covering the whole country will share information and quickly catch the required needs and provide accurate information for customer's product development.

Speedy sample work

The dedicated staff has established a system that can accurately grasp the conditions such as the flavor and color tone desired by the customer, different hardness depending on the application, and collaborate with the research staff to suggest the best products. We will respond quickly from small quantities to sample for line test.

Innovative product development

With abundant variations corresponding to changes in the times, we have developed products with high value added never before and we will support your product design with outstanding technical power, even if we have given up the idea that it would be impossible. We are aiming for product creation that is always one step ahead by original development capabilities.

Good advice

Even if the specifications of products are decided, problems occur when producing them. With knowledge and experience cultivated so far, we will provide optimal adjustment of sugar content, physical properties, hardness etc. so that we will support well until the production line.

Initiatives for winning Monde Selection

At Monde Selection 2023, "Hokkai Natto” won the Gold Award for 17 consecutive years.

Although Monde Selection gets a lot of visibility in recent years, high quality and technical strength are required for award winning in a strict examination. Prior to our competitors, we received numerous gold medals from fiscal 2007. We will deliver value added to customer's product creation with high technology and high quality product leading up to that award.